Simply-Fi is a Managed WiFi Solution, being offered in India

We help setup a WiFi System, using Access Points connected by Wire and Mesh to provide unmatched roaming coverage within target area. Reliable, fast, with possibility to setup for redundancy to be resilient against single AP failure. Our Managed WiFi detects a failed AP/ ISP Link, and the administrator is notified via an SMS, and our support centre initiates remedial action. Customers can experience robust connection, better uptimes, fair usage by users, secure access by guests (with history recorded for compliance). And we provide Safe Internet usage by blocking out known Malware/Phishing sites. And if user so desires, block out Adult and other undesirable Sites.

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About Us

Simply-Fi is offered by Computer Ware (India) Pvt. Ltd., an IT Solutions provider, serving since 1987, mostly Indian, and several US customers. Promoted and run by Anil K. Mangla, with IT industry experience of 35+ years, with an efficient team. You can find out more about us at

Simply-Fi - the Solution

Cloud Based (hosted on AWS) Managed Wi-Fi service.

Easy Guest Provisioning

Grant access to guests through our web, Android or iOS Apps, without revealing passwords

Manage Access Plans

Create and manage group based access plans of speed, amount (GBs), period (days, weeks, months, year)

Self-Provisioning for Guests

Create Guest passwords & enable guests to self-provision multiple devices such as laptops, phones and tablets (applying policy restrictions on all devices, automatically.)

Detailed Usage Summaries

Store usage summary (up to a year) for compliance requirements

Secure Passwords

Upgrade from easy to guess/crack passwords generally made by typical users and enjoy the built-in professional encryption.


We will send you text notifications when your Internet Link fails, allowing you to act proactively for higher uptimes.


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Simply-Fi App is relevant only for registered administrators of Simply-Fi deployments, as such of no value to anyone else

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